If your country has Social Security Agreement with Turkey, you can get insurance papers  before your departure  from your  Social Security Office. Make sure it is  the original document (copies not accepted) in both languages  and dates are stated. This form needs to cover your erasmus period in Adana.
Request the forms which are stated from your social security institutions.
  • Albanian Students; request "AL/TR 4"
  • Austrian Students; request "A/TR 3" 
  • Belgian Students; request "BT 8" 
  • Bosnia-Herzogevinan Students; "BH/TR 4"
  • Czech Students; request "TR/CZ - 111" 
  • Dutch Students; request "N/TUR 111" 
  • French Students; request "SE 208-06 A TF and SE 208-28 FT"
  • German Students; request "T/A - 11" 
  • Luxembourgian Students; "L/TR 3"
  • Macedonian Students; request "MC/TR 4"
  • Romanian Students; request "TR/R3" 
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Students; request "K.K.T.C/T.C.3"
If your country has not got a  Social Security Agreement with Turkey, you have to arrange  private health insurance.  It should be in Turkish and the company should have a branch in Turkey. So, we advice students to buy their insurance after arrival in Turkey. Please visit our  Office regarding with insurance procedures.