ÇukurovaMED Internship Consortium

Under the scope of the “ÇukurovaMED INTERNSHIP CONSORTIUM” by the coordination of Çukurova University, it aims to actualize Internship activity with the support of regional universities and Chamber of Industry and Commerce members.

By taking consideration into the business issues of our regions students of the departments of textiles and textile products, metal industry and engineering sciences, the food industry and food engineering, business and management information systems, foreign language teaching in education, accommodation and tourism management, with the textile, metal and food sector companies which they corporate and transfer technology and share production those are under the scope of chamber of industry and commerce.

Consortium Administration

CONSORTIUM consists of Higher Education Institutions, Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Higher Education Institutions shall perform student and staff mobility using enterprises in connection with the chambers of trade and industry as well as the existing agreements. Mobility and organization planning will be performed under the leadership of Çukurova University the consortium leader and planner.

Because the higher education institutions have the potential to create a stronger effect in regional studies rather than individual studies current students will have the opportunity to have work experience at the international platform and mutual relations will be developed. Through consortium the higher education institutions and chambers of trade and industry will have the opportunity to establish closer relations with the firms and institutions in Europe.